Tea Time!

There are many teas out there know for there detoxifying and antioxidant properties.  When I began to suffer with hormonal, cystic acne in my early 20's I was willing to try anything and everything to help heal my skin.  Topical anti inflammatory creams are great and do temporarily help with those raised nuisances better known as pimples.  But, the only way to get rid of them and get rid of them for good is to get to the root of the problem.  That entails cleansing from within.  A healthy, clean diet is always a good decision as well as drinking plenty of water. Eliminating dairy from your diet can also help.  What I cam to learn was that those pimples and cystic acne underneath the skin were not caused by my daily skin regimen or make-up but by what was goin on with me eternally.  When your blood and liver are full of toxins and need to be purified it can cause different issues with your skin hair and nails. So, after doing my research I discovered one of the best ways to clean your blood and liver is milk thistle.  It is a herbaceous plant that has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying herb that will help with various skin conditions such as acne and you can sip it in a tea!  Some benefits include:

- Helps to get rid of pimples, zits, eczema and acne
- Promotes radiant and glowing skin
- Prevents skin flare-ups
- Hydrates and softens skin
- Prevents skin cancer and photo-aging
- Delays aging
- Strengthens and protects hair follicles
- Prevents hair loss
- Repairs existing damage to the liver
- Helps recover from cirrhosis

Now, as with anything you consume or apply topically to the skin the results will very with each individual person.  There are different ways to take advantage of the benefits of milk thistle:
- Tea
- Diluted Tincture
- Seeds in powder form

I prefer to drink the tea. It's best to drink it after you have eaten as it's a little strong and might irritate your belly if it's empty.

Please check out our friends at StyleCraze for some great recipes and additional info on milk thistle. As with any herb please contact your physician before use.

Jet Set Magazine

#Top20 Thank you to everyone who has already voted for me for the Jetset Magazine cover model search! Happy to say that I have made the top 20💃🏽This contest for me isn't so much about modeling but more about the cause that it represents. Jetser Magazine is partnering with bpositive.org to help kids fight cancer. So, every time that you vote for me and include a donation it will help with the financial burden of medical costs to those children fighting this horrible disease. Winning the contest would also give me the opportunity to donate my time to give treatments to kids with skincare issues or concerns that are not able to afford them...a dream of mine since I began my career in beauty and skincare. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Vote for me today at https://www.jetsetmag.com/model-search/2017/kimi-k

Oooo! Yummy, Wheat Grass!

What does this powerful green stuff NOT do?!  Wheat grass, scientifically known as Triticum aeastivum, is filled with so many amazing nutrients.  It contains more Vitamin A & C than oranges and carrots.  Filled with antioxidants, wheat grass works wonders on your skin and slows down the aging process.  It aids in rejuvenating skin cells which slow down the aging process whiles also enhancing skin elasticity.  Taking one shot of wheat grass a day or a tablespoon of powder will to detox your body and enhance your health which promotes a healthy glowing complexion.  It also helps those of us with acne prone skin and prevents the scars and blemishes. For those of you suffering from eczema and psoriasis taking a shot a day will clear it all up!  Try making wheat grass ice cube shots to treat those problem areas.  Take the frozen cube and just rub it onto the blemish or dry skin to draw out the impurities and heal the area.  Make a paste with 2 tablespoons wheatgrass powder and 1 tablespoon of milk and apply it to the skin once a week to get rid of acne and black heads.  You will be amazed when you wake up the next morning! 

My favorite wheatgrass power is by Organic Burst from New Zealand.  Check it out and be on your way to clear radiant skin with this "powerful alkalizing superfood"!

Other AMAZING wheatgrass benefits:
  • high in chlorophyll
  • helps alkaline the body
  • restores fertility & balances hormones
  • purifies liver
  • helps prevent tooth decay
  • improves digestion
  • oxygenates the body
  • antibacterial
  • rebuilds damaged tissue
  • regulates blood sugar
  • helps sooth sore throat
  • reduces inflammation
  • boosts metabolism
  • rebuilds blood
  • detoxifies body of heavy metals
  • antiseptic
  • fight skin diseases and conditions
  • improves eyesight
  • promotes healthy sleep patterns
  • boosts immune system
  • improves nerve signaling and mental well-being

Stop Those SPOTS!

I have alllllllways suffered from hyperpigmentation.  And, being breakout prone it seems like I will get a bump that goes away in a few days but the dark mark that it leaves behind lasts FOREVER! Hyperpigmentation is an overproduction of melanin.  It is darkened, flat patches of skin that are dark in color and vary in shape in size.  It can be triggered by different factors such as sun exposure, genetic, age, hormones and trauma to the skin such as an injury or inflammation.  Many patients who have come to me for treatment for hyperpigmentation have told me that when they get a tan or lots of sun the dark spots “go away”.  SO false!  Sun exposure is the cause of hyperpigmentation.  The sun is what triggers that over production of melanin.  So, once the sun exacerbates those dark spots it can cause freckles, age spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and makes them even darker.

Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation that is brought on by female hormones.  Women who have been pregnant or taken birth control often experience Melasma which resembles a face mask.  Unfortunately, there is no cure for this but, avoiding sun exposure and using a very good broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high spf can keep it at bay.  Although it is more prevalent amongst people with darker skin tones I have known a lot of patients with fair skin tones to suffer from melasma.    

Dealing with acne, eczema or psoriasis and any type of trauma to the skin can cause the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  A lot of times they will leave a very dark and discolored mark after the healing process has occurred.  There are creams such as hydroquinone and tretinoin cream that lighten the dark spots that must be prescribed by a dermatologist.  You don’t want to use these creams for a long period of time.  Some research has found that they can thin your skin.

If the hyperpigmentation is driving you crazy, like it does me, I would suggest doing a series of chemical peels. The peel removes the surface layers of skin which will help to lighten the uneven tone.   About 2-3 days after you have the treatment the skin will begin to peel leaving you with new, smooth, evenly pigmented skin.  I love it!  My skin feels like a baby’s bottom and has a gorgeous glow.  A series of 6 treatments are suggested ever 3-4 weeks.  You can’t forget to use that sunscreen though…when you are going through you treatments your skin will be sensitive.

After doing some research I found this spf by Elta MD Skincare.  It is specifically for acne prone skin with UVA & UVB protection and will help to protect your skin from getting new hyperpigmentation and fade out the old!

  • REach OUt!

    I welcome the opportunity to work with or collaborate with those in my industry.  There are always new things coming up in the beauty and wellness world.  If you are interested in speaking please don't hesitate to reach out to me! 

    For questions, concerns or any business inquiries please contact me at: kimkeppard@gmail.com

    How I Fell In Love With Skin

    As a make-up artist for 10 years I worked with various photographers from California to Florida.  I began my journey as a stylist at Barbizon in San Francisco, prepping young models for their IMTA photoshoots both in studio and on location.  Later, becoming a MAC make-up artist while attending San Francisco State College for Fashion Merchandising and completing a degree in business administration at Laney College in Oakland, California.

    After finishing school I moved to Tampa, FL and began working for Lancome as a premier make-up artist while also pursuing my career as a fashion and fitness model. When I arrived in Miami I was determined to work as a free-lance make-up artist part-time and a full-time model, while also continuing my education at Florida College of Natural Health to graduate with a degree in Science with a Concentration in Natural Health under the Paramedical Advanced Skin Care program.

    I have now been a licensed medical aesthetician with the advanced skin care qualifications to perform pre/post operative duties in the cosmetic or dermatological fields for 10 years. I have worked with plastic surgeons in Miami and independently as a mobile medical aesthetician specializing in many different treatments and now focusing on building a business and brand around her expertise. My focus is to treat skin conditions from the inside out while providing natural health solutions.

    Not Just Another Chemist

    Introducing my friend and business partner, Candice Frederick!  We have and are currently working on a number of projects including our non-profit ProGreen Movement.  We both completed our Paramedical Skincare program at Florida College of Natural Health and decided to form businesses based around our skincare and wellness expertise.  Candice and I have plans on expanding our visions this year and finally complete our mini-empire. 
    Founder /CEO of OhMyGosh Alternative Medicine& Aromatherapy Spa/Salon Formulations, Candice N. Frederick bares the title of Paramedical Skincare Specialist and a novel innovative developer in Biomedical/Chemical Engineering. Born in Detroit, Michigan but raised in Chesapeake Virginia, this Northern/East Coast girl knew from the start  the commonly used phrase “OhMyGosh” was more than just an everyday expression.

    Having the mentality of an Engineer since high school and always engulfed in every lab project as a youth, Candice found herself advancing towards the direction of her lifelong passion while pursuing a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University. Her dream would be that she would someday turn this passion into the creation of innovative consumer products. As a student, she channeled this passion during a successful internship at 3M where she created a pilot size machine for adhesive coating and later at an early career at Proctor & Gamble establishing a foam stability mechanism in soap concentrated products using a novel polymer combination.

    Constantly infatuated with the engineering of innovative products, Candice found herself in constant research and self-studies on new cancer developments, diabetic clinical trials, and multiple sclerosis breakthroughs – just to name a few, to better assist her on the chemical imbalance of the body and how it relates to these specific diseases.

    She later pursued a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Polymer Studies from NYU Polytechnic in Brooklyn, New York which was her stepping stone towards her application of biology with technical engineering principles to provide innovation in the fields of medical instrumentation, the research of medical ailments, and product development. During her studies she also designed an internal Bluetooth operated device used to detect abnormal neurological changes in the body before a seizure occurred in epilepsy patients with the readings then sent wirelessly to the patient’s doctor in an EKG/ECG format. Ultimately, the device would trigger the transdermal alternative medicine patch located on the patient to suppress the seizure with the compatible complimentary medicine.  (Patent pending)

    Candice now finds herself in Miami where she’s combined her love of science, health, and beauty to launch OMG. She’s received licensing as a Florida Paramedical Skincare Specialist and is certified in the following:  Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Herbiology , Microdermabrasion and Rapid Exfoliants/Peels. All of her training combined with her extensive research has led her to focus OMG on cosmetic research for women involving cell renewal and anti-aging product improvement with an overall passion of discovering natural wellness for all.


    L’amour de la Peau = Love Skin, is fashion with a purpose.
    “Celebrating the love of natural beauty.” 


    All of our girls are born beautiful.  Loving the skin that your’e in creates a confidence and inner glow that cannot be taken from you.  We live in a world full of change and progression that constantly influences our thoughts of who we are and how we were so perfectly created.

    When I came up with the idea to create a logo for apparel that was not only fashionable but also meaningful, I wanted it to be something that would reflect who I am and my roots.  Being of Louisiana creole decent on my father’s side I decided to be kinda creative and go with L’Amour de la Peau which means ‘love skin’ in English. The meaning behind L’amour de la peau was the love that I have for skin care and also the love I have for the skin that I am in.  Even deeper than that is my concern for how young women and girls have become so influenced by what they see on social media, television and on the internet. 

    With so many new cosmetic procedures and treatments hitting the market almost daily to improve the way you look who can blame them, right?  But, there needs to be more conversation and understanding of why someone is wanting to make such changes to their face or body is my opinion.  My background in the beauty industry, working for plastic surgeons and as a medical aesthetician has exposed me to a lot…I mean, A LOT!  I am a therapist and like to thoroughly consult my patients before suggesting a procedure or treatment for them; I always want to know what bothers them the most and first suggest an alternative treatment for them.

    Creating this brand was very exciting for me as I was able to express my creative side while also sharing a message about something that I am so passionate about.  I hope you will enjoy my message and the apparel that I created with so much love!

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