Apr 11, 2017


L’amour de la Peau = Love Skin, is fashion with a purpose.
“Celebrating the love of natural beauty.” 


All of our girls are born beautiful.  Loving the skin that your’e in creates a confidence and inner glow that cannot be taken from you.  We live in a world full of change and progression that constantly influences our thoughts of who we are and how we were so perfectly created.

When I came up with the idea to create a logo for apparel that was not only fashionable but also meaningful, I wanted it to be something that would reflect who I am and my roots.  Being of Louisiana creole decent on my father’s side I decided to be kinda creative and go with L’Amour de la Peau which means ‘love skin’ in English. The meaning behind L’amour de la peau was the love that I have for skin care and also the love I have for the skin that I am in.  Even deeper than that is my concern for how young women and girls have become so influenced by what they see on social media, television and on the internet. 

With so many new cosmetic procedures and treatments hitting the market almost daily to improve the way you look who can blame them, right?  But, there needs to be more conversation and understanding of why someone is wanting to make such changes to their face or body is my opinion.  My background in the beauty industry, working for plastic surgeons and as a medical aesthetician has exposed me to a lot…I mean, A LOT!  I am a therapist and like to thoroughly consult my patients before suggesting a procedure or treatment for them; I always want to know what bothers them the most and first suggest an alternative treatment for them.

Creating this brand was very exciting for me as I was able to express my creative side while also sharing a message about something that I am so passionate about.  I hope you will enjoy my message and the apparel that I created with so much love!

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