Apr 8, 2019

How I Got So Dipp-Ed- Skin Dipp Healing Butters

Its been a few years but, I have finally launched my own skin care line!  I began formulating Skin Dipp Healing Butters back in 2015 with the help of my dear friend and classmate, Candice Frederick, in my kitchen in Miami.  Candice is a biochemical engineer and just downright brilliant!  She helped me with formulations and taught me a lot about different ingredients.  After years of working on patience skin and assisting in treatments and procedures at doctors offices I was ready to have a brand of my own.  Living in Miami, being surrounded by beautiful bodies and appreciating and loving my own gave me the idea to create a body care line (Body Dipp).  Many people, I have learned to find out, don't take as good care of their skin on their bodies as they do their face.  There are many people that I have spoken to that never even moisturize their skin after bathing.  I came to the conclusion that most people feel, if I'm covered up with clothes on why worry about what my skin on my body looks like.  😤  But, you must care! If you are married or in a relationship isn't your partner seeing and feeling your skin...everywhere?! Just saying.  More importantly, you should feel good about how you feel.  Going to bed after a nice shower or bath and feeling your luxuriously soft skin next to the sheets or that special someone will put you in a whole other mood. Just saying.😏

Fast forward to 2019 and Skin Dipp Healing Butters is finally on the market.  I decided last summer that I would launch right after New Year.  I created samples to go out as Christmas gifts and to get feedback from some of those closest to me.  My first product from the line was Skin Dipp Healing Butters, Body Dipp in Santorini (scent).  Body Dipp includes Body Butter Whipped Cream, Sugar Scrub & Body Oils...for now.  All of the Skin Dipp products are created with organic and natural ingredients handmade by me, including the scents.  They also come in eco-friendly bamboo refillable jars that are just gorgeous!  Refills for all Body Dipp Butters are also available on line.  Each scent is inspired by either a place I have visited or am anxious to get to.  Santorini is a scent that truly represents what the Cyclades islands in Aegean Sea is.  It is a fresh scent with hints of sandalwood, the sea, vanilla and teak wood.  It smells awesome in the jar but when you put it on your skin it take it to another level!  The latest Skin Dipp scent is Maldives.  Ahhhh, Maldives!  This scent is a rich scent that reminds you of this tropical nation in the Indian Ocean making up more than 1000 coral islands.  With amber and coconut notes that you will really melt away in luxurious goodness.  I remember, the first time wearing Maldives for myself after creating the scent and going to the store and two people stopped me to tell me how good I smelled!  All products are available in travel and bath size for your convenience and both sizes are refillable.

All of the scents are also available in the Sugar Scrubs, Body Oil & Hand Dipp (coming soon).  Body Dipp Sugar Scrubs are a mix of organic brown and turbinado sugar.  Brown sugar is a little more fine and gentle on the skin as the turbinado sugar is more coarse giving you that deep exfoliation that you need for rougher areas on your skin.  All of the scrubs also include organic Shea, Cocoa and avocado butters as well as a cocktail of organic oils including Baobab oil that contain many different nutrients to help heal the skin and give your skin that silky smooth skin you've always wanted.  I love to mix the different scents of scrubs and butters to get the best of both worlds (or countries😊).

Skin Dipp Body Dipp Oil will launch right in time for your summer vacays!  The Body Dipp Oils will also be as effective in healing the skin as the butters and scrubs but, will also give you a beautiful summer glow. I will also launch the Hand Dipp and Lip Dipp by Fall that will include powerful anti-aging ingredients including vitamin A & C.  More to come about those goodies.  All products can currently be purchase at The Look Cup in the Skin Dipp Healing Butters collection

I am so happy to be taking my career and passion to another level.  There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love and being able to see others appreciate it.  The support I have gotten from so many of my friends and family has been astounding!  There will always be bumps in the road that cause sleepless nights and long days but, at the end it will all be so worth it.  I look forward to taking you all along with me on this Skin Dipp journey as it grows and becomes a household name. #SkinDipp💧

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