Mar 23, 2019

I'm Reppin'

The past year and a half has been like a whirlwind! I have gone from practicing as a medical aesthetician, to consulting, to now reviewing products for the The Look Cup and I could not be more excited! Skin care and wellness is my passion and I have missed being in it full time.  This opportunity is right up my alley!  Some of you might have noticed me sharing stories on my Instagram page, PamperMe2day.  I was anxious to make my announcement but had a lot of stuff to get situated and organized first.

The Look Cup is a one-stop shop and destination for skin care, wellness and beauty products by small and independent brands from across the world.  Featuring the many of the newest beauty tools for men and women to help keep your skin and body looking fresh and healthy.  Wellness products that provide energy and healing; mind, body and soul.  With The Look Cup still being new (just about 4 months old) there will be plenty of new products added on a regular basis.

Reviews will be added here on my blog and soon on my new Youtube channel that I will announce shortly.  Each review will give thorough explanation and demonstration on how to use each product, what its purpose is and a breakdown of its properties and/or technology.  Oh, and where to find it😉.  This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions and get suggestions on what products might be good for you.  There are so many amazing products on the The Look Cup that I am sure you will find useful and will help you get that healthy, youthful skin and inner health that you've been longing to achieve!

I can't wait to post my first review and so happy to be getting back to my passion full-time and sharing it all with you.  Please, visit The Look Cup and tell me what you think and also let me know if there are any products you might like to see on the site and I'll make sure to pass it on so we can make it happen💖

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