Mar 31, 2020

How Skin Dipp Healing Butters Protects Against COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way that we, as consumers, think about safety and sanitation. During this time, it is important that manufacturers be extremely careful with production, and take extra precautionary measures to protect from contamination. The Skin Dipp team wants to let you know that we are going the extra mile to ensure your safety during this time.

What Precautionary Measures Are We Taking? 

All Skin Dipp products are created in an environment where we require protective goggles, protective gloves, an apron, mask and hair bonnet. We ensure that not one single ingredient or product is being handled with bare hands. Nothing comes in contact with our ingredients other than the equipment in our creation lab, such as stirring utensils, glass lab thermometers, digital scales, electric stick blenders, electric hand whisks, and measuring beakers. All of this equipment is cleaned with antibacterial soap, sterilized with alcohol, and stored in a sterile container. 

How to Pause Panic & Enter Relaxation Mode Other than extreme sanitation, this pandemic has also taught us how to hardcore self-care. Our natural skin care body butters are perfect for your next night (or nights..) in, where you take a steamy bubble bath and enter full relaxation mode. Our butters moisturize and hydrate dry skin all over the body, while also evening skin tone, reducing texture, and providing anti-aging properties. The Skin Dipp Line Includes: 

● Body butter creams 

● Shower oils 
● Anti-aging hand creams 
● Sugar body scrubs

Why Stock Up on Skin Dipp Now? 

We created this brand because we are passionate about skin care and have a true appreciation for the beauty of the human body. Now, more than ever, it is important to take care of your body. Being indoors and isolated can leave us feeling fatigued, down, and experiencing low energy levels. 

We want to urge you to take the time you always wish you had in order to pamper yourself with our oils, scrubs, and body butters. Get ready for the warmer weather ahead with a boost of hydration and remove any dry, cracked skin that may be left from the colder months. 

Each product of ours comes in 4 different all natural fragrances from different exotic destinations around the world, Santorini, Maldives, Curacao, Zanzibar and Belize. Let us transport you to these luxurious locations where you can relax and restore, away from the current chaos. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your bathroom! 

We hope you are all staying safe, staying home, and practicing social distancing until we can resume life as normal. Skin Dipp will continue to protect you against any contamination and can remain a brand you know and trust during this time.

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