Jan 28, 2018

So, It's Been A While...

Atlanta, GA, USA

Well, its been a while ya’ll…I know.  How do I break this down to you without seeming like a slacker? I have been busy! Like, extremely busy in every way…physically and mentally.  All good though.  No complaints.  I love where life, business and the blog are going.  Where I have gone, is even more important.  I moved to the amazing city of Atlanta ya’ll!!! And, could not be happier.  Indeed, I miss the ocean and 365 days of sunshine and warm weather but, the ATL has so much more to offer.  The people, the energy, diversity and opportunity here are the best!

Over the past 6 months that I have pretty much gone missing I have been working on some awesome projects and, as usual, perfecting my craft. I am super excited with all of the connections I have made here in the A.  Everyone is so eager to help and so supportive!  With so many independent beauty professionals and entrepreneurs I have my work cut out for me with interviews and blog reviews.  So exciting!!!

I appreciate everyone’s support and the emails and questions and I promise I will never slack like this again.  Stay tuned for a lot of greatness!


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